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Guangzhou Xingshen Auto Parts Co., Ltd was established in August 2000. The company has passed ISO/TS16949: 2002 system certification, the company implemented 6S management standard enterprise. The company is specialized in developing, manufacturing and sales of automotive power steering pump, our products cover Europe, America, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, domestic and other models.

In order to continuously improve product competitiveness and viability of the market, the company continued to strengthen internal management, improve technical reserves and individual qualities. As an excellent brand, we value customer service, Customer needs first. We can according to customer requirements, samples or drawings, develop customized.

The company now has high-precision production equipment and testing equipment, a high-quality management team and professional and technical personnel, thus ensuring the production of products of high quality, high efficiency, and can continue to go beyond, to...more>>

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  • Power Steering Pump:44320- 0k020

    44320- 0k020

  • Power Steering Pump:005 466 2201

    005 466 2201

  • Power Steering Pump:324 1679 4348

    324 1679 4348

  • Power Steering Pump:4B0 145 156

    4B0 145 156

  • Power Steering Pump:34430FE040


  • Power Steering Pump:LR007208


  • Power Steering Pump:GJ6E-32-600B


  • Power Steering Pump:8970842070


  • Power Steering Pump:8971295930


  • Power Steering Pump:26043369


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